ATM Card:

  • Requirements:Available to all members
  • Surcharge Free ATMs:

    Over 200 local ATMs: Find your nearest ATM

    Over 35,000 Nationwide through the Allpoint Network

  • Daily ATM limit: $500 per day (day runs from 3:30pm – 3:29pm)
  • ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $.50

Debit Card:

Notice: For security reasons, our Debit Cards may NOT be used for foreign “swipe” purchases (including foreign internet purchases). However, our ATM/Debit Cards will work in Foreign ATMs.

  • Requirements: Credit Union checking account
  • Daily retail limit: $3,000 per day (day runs from 3:30pm – 3:29pm)
  • Overdraft Protection – 3 options:
    • Overdraft from savings: Automatic transfer from your credit union savings
    • Overdraft from Loan: Automatic loan advance from your overdraft loan account
    • Online Banking Loan Transfers: Pre-transfer of loan advance and funds accessed with debit card.
  • ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $.50
  • Card Replacement Fee: $5.00 per card

Our “secure” online banking service allows you to access your account — anytime — anywhere.

Account Access: Use the “Online Banking” link, above.

With Online Banking, you may:

  • Check current account balances
  • Print copies of Cleared Checks
  • Write your own instant loan advances
  • Review your account statement (e-Statements)
  • Review 90 days of account history
  • Transfer funds between your own deposit and/or loan accounts
  • Transfer funds between your account and another member’s account (must be set-up in advance for each account)

Quick & Easy way to pay your bills online

  • Access: Though our Online Banking website
  • Cost: Free — if you do at least one (1) bill pay transaction each month ($5.00 for any month that you do not do at least one (1) transaction)
  • Authorized transactions per month: Unlimited

Bill Pay helps you easily:

  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Manage you account balances but scheduling payment due dates
  • Easily pay multiple bills from one screen
  • Schedule recurring payments for automatic payment
  • Review pending payments and payment history

Sign up for e-Statements and enjoy:

  • Fast Statement Access: within hours of the close of business
  • 24 month Statement Retention: Never search for your statement or pay a fee for a replacement copy. Simply go to your home banking account and print another copy.
  • Permanent PDF Copy: It’s easy to download a permanent copy to your computer.

Easy Sign-up

Simply login to your online banking account, click the e-Statement link (2nd Menu group — 2nd item), then click the “Sign Up Now” link– fill in the requested information and Submit. That’s all there is to it.

Call 518-436-4966 to enjoy free telephone access to your account 24/7/365

With Access24, you can easily:

  • Inquire about “Cleared Checks”
  • Check your account balances
  • Transfer funds between your credit union accounts
  • Verify payroll direct deposit amounts
Learn more at our website.